Richardson: Disaster prep seminar was worth going to

On Thursday August 7, 2014 about 100 Senior Citizens fromRichmond County gathered at The Cole Auditorium for a six (6) hour course on Disaster Preparedness Education Class.

My Life Retold by Howard Richardson

My Life Retold
by Howard Richardson

We heard from The National Weather Service about how to learn about understanding how weather works and how it can cause a disaster and where we can get the information and what to do.

We were told about how Hurricane form and about the Safety Rules of a Hurricane

Also about the warnings and advisees and what to do when a warning or advisees are giving out.

Then about the types of Tornados  F-1 was the least damaging with wind speed of 58 MPH and up to an E-5 with winds over 200 MPH.

You can get more information at

Then from The Richmond County Emergency Management Director Mrs. Donna Wright.

Her message was to have a plan in place and to shear it with your family and friends, work with others in your area to be able to help each other in cast of a disaster.

To have you disaster kit ready what to have in your kit, contract The Emergency Management office to find out what to do and where to go. Another thing was have a plan on how to stay in contact with your family if you get separated.

Other things were to have a list of phones numbers near each phone, and something else was to have a wired phone in your home so if the power goes out and you wireless or cell phone don’t work you will be able to make calls. I would like to put in a “personal note here the wired phone is a great idea. Back in the big snow storm in 2001 I was stuck away from home and had to make a call home on my cell phone and the phones wireless at home would not work with no power but we had one wired phone and I was able to get in contact with my family”.

So I guess what I am saying is

Have a plan

Have a Disaster Kit

Learn first aid and CPR

And Lessen to what Your Emergency Management Office says to do.

Richmond County native Howard Richardson is author of “My Life Retold,” available on

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