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Interest in meat goats has grown rapidly over the past several years.


By Laura Grier Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development

By Laura Grier
Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development

According to Ohio State University Extension, goat is the most frequently consumed meat in the world and, in the US, meat goat production is growing because of their ability to convert low quality feed into high quality meat, milk and hide products. Another reason for the meat goats’ popularity is that a small part-time farmer can raise a small herd of goats efficiently and make a slight profit—enabling the farmer to become self-sufficient.

Today, 4-H youth are raising goats as 4-H projects and to show. The North Carolina 4-H Livestock Program aims …

  • To develop leadership abilities, build character, and assume citizenship responsibilities.
  • To experience the pride of owning livestock and to be responsible for its management.
  • To be better prepared for citizenship responsibilities through working in groups and supporting community livestock educational projects and activities
  • To learn skills in livestock production and gain an understanding of the business of breeding, raising, and promoting livestock and their end products.
  • To increase knowledge of safety precautions needed to prevent injury to yourself and others while working with livestock.
  • To promote greater love for animals and a humane attitude toward them.
  • To teach good sportsmanship through a friendly, competitive atmosphere.
  • To increase knowledge of animal agricultural by-products and how animal by-product usage touches our lives each and every day.

Showmanship is the one area of livestock showing that the presenter has the most control—to bring out the best of the animals characteristics. Livestock showmanship classes are designed to gauge the 4-H’ers knowledge, skill with the animal, and hard work. 4-H’ers can be asked questions about their animals and how they are cared for while presenting the animal to the best of their ability for the judge. A quality showman is one that has a sense of an effective presentation of an animal. Matthew Claeys, former NC Cooperative Extension Livestock Specialist, stated that, “Meat Goat showmanship not only generates enthusiasm in the show ring, but also teaches many valuable lessons that can be used in day to day life. These lessons include responsibility, learning about work and determination to reach a goal, winning graciously and losing with dignity.”

4-H Showmen learn from their project experience—gaining knowledge of animal husbandry; including selection, genetics, nutrition, health, and economics and marketing of livestock. Extension Specialist, Brent Jennings, claims that, “showing livestock is simply the tool that we use in raising quality young people. These kids spend hours with washing, feeding, grooming, walking, and setting up their animals in order to prepare for these few minutes. It’s truly a reward to me to watch kids develop in and out of the ring as good showmen and even better well rounded young people.”

The Richmond County 4-H Livestock Show, Saturday, September 6, 2014 will be quite the event. Over 40 4-H youth from Anson, Hoke, Guilford, Montgomery, Moore, Richmond and Robeson counties will show more than 120 Boer goats. The show is the 2nd largest county goat show in the state, drawing a crowd of more than 200 spectators from across the region.

For more information about 4-H Livestock, please contact Laura Grier, 4-H Extension Agent, Tiffanee Conrad, Livestock Extension Agent at 997-8255, or visit the Richmond County 4-H Facebook page atwww.facebook.com/richmondcounty4h.

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