Letter: Justice will be done for Haywood

To the editor:

My family was born and raised in Hamlet. I have always loved this city and what it stood for, but over the last 21 or 22 months, I have seen and heard some of the worst excuses for people who have been responsible for some really harsh accusations toward a good man. That man is, of course, John Haywood.

I had to listen to the former City Council (not all in agreement, by the way) plus the city manager try and make a case against this man and ultimately put his family through such horrific, unnecessary pain.

I listend to the former City Council, not all in agreement, say and talk about things that we all knew were not true and I felt myself embarrassed, angry and, most of all, ashamed at what I was hearing. So much so, I had to leave a City Council meeting at pine point because I was so disgusted.

John was investigated over and over and tested to the limit, and he passed with flying colors, people!

This man gave 20 years of service to the city of Hamlet and its citizens and he did a great job.

I just want to say what a good man and what a great family he has. We all know what “faith” is and this family has pulled together, supported each other and yes, left a lot up to their faith to pull them through this difficult time. I am proud to know them.

I’m also proud of the people of Hamlet for voting in a new City Council and mayor who I have great trust in again to make Hamlet the city we all want and need to be proud of.

I’m positive that justice will be done and Hamlet will move forward in the right direction.

Robbie Wright Adcock

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  • Scottie Mohn

    Well said Robbie.

  • Tammy Lampley

    I second that – John Haywood was and is a good man. In my heart I just don’t believe he is guilty of the things he has been accused of.

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