Sunday ride with Mama

I wanted to go for a ride,  just to get out and cruise the back roads I haven’t been on in a long time.

By Jay Hudson On Rockingham

By Jay Hudson
On Rockingham

Mama, and brother Will, both wanted to ride too, so off we went.

We had to stop at my favorite discount convenience store for gas before riding because I usually only keep a dollar’s worth in the tank to frustrate frequent gas rustlers.
It’s not common knowledge, but if YOU do this they will keep the dirt and water out of your tank.

The ABC liquor store is located right beside the gas station, and someone had the business sense to connect their driveways so customers of each could easily get to the other one, thereby helping both businesses.

Mama is about as meek, but opinionated, as the church mouse. She is so prim and proper she expects perfection in everything.

When Camilla went in to pay for the gas she also bought a Power Ball lottery ticket on account of the lust that $600 million will cause among us Baptists.

She came out of the store and thrust the lottery ticket into my hand.

Mama saw it, and in her usual ‘ judgmental comment ‘ she said, ” gambling is evil! “

I decided to teach her a lesson about ‘assuming,’ and ‘ judging,’ so, when we were leaving the gas pump I drove over into the liquor store parking lot, and made it look like we were coming out from the ABC store with a lot of spirits for the weekend.

I was hoping someone who knew Mama, would pass by and see us coming out of the liquor store parking lot. Traffic was heavy, but I don’t know if any church people saw her, or not.

It didn’t matter! I looked in the rear view mirror and her face was red.

I got a lot of switching when I was a boy,  but I don’t ever remember being ‘ really’ bad,  just a little hard-headed, maybe!

Jay Hudson is a native of Richmond County. He has been a NASCAR fan since the Daytona 500 in 1959 and considers Fred Lorenzen NASCAR’s first superstar and the best driver of all time. He lives in Rockingham.

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  • Helen Parks Cox

    Enjoyed the column!

  • Lisa Layton

    Mr. Hudson you are a hoot. Come on now and tell us the true owner of the ticket. Ya know we wont tell.

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