Fisher Cup

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The Fisher Cup will go to the winner(s) of the year-long regional tour sponsored by the Allegany County Disc Golf Club.

There is no cost to register or play, although donations are accepted. On or just before the first of each month, the club will announce the course. Generally, the layout will be up to the player, as the winner of this event will not be performance-based. Players can complete any layout they wish at the designated course, and they can play singles, doubles, glow, etc.

Steps to play

Courses will be roughly two and one-half hours away or less from Frostburg, Maryland, and could include courses in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia. Each month, a player will have the entire month to travel and complete a round on the designated course. Along with completing a scorecard on uDisc, the player must text (301-338-4533) or email a photo ( of themselves (and their card mates if they are also participating) at a tee pad on the course, along with an image of their scorecard. The scorecard and picture must be received by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of each month.

Each first-time player should identify themselves by first and last name, age, and city and state of residence. If you have a PDGA number, you can share that, too.

Note: We might fiddle around with Google Forms and see if that’s a better way to handle the entry process. Gotta see if players can attach a photo there. We’ll get back to you on that. For now, this is how we’re gonna do it. 

As the club understands that sometimes people travel for work or other requirements, only one player on a card is required (unlike many/most other league events).

Courses throughout the year will include a mix of public and private options. Some courses could be a pay-to-play course, in which individual players are responsible for ensuring they comply with any fee-related requirements with those who own or maintain the course. Usually these details can be found on uDisc. Of course, at the announcement each month of the course to play, these details will be included for player convenience.

Courses – 2023
Courses are subject to change before the first day of each month

January — Ditto Farms in Hagerstown, Md. … uDiscDG Review
Entrants so far: Matthew Marsh, Caleb Campbell, Nicholas Willmon, Kevin Spradlin, Noah Spradlin, Shania Farris, Tim Farris, Anthony Miller, Richard Smith, Gordon Cox, Tash Scolaro, Anthony Scolaro, Derrick Ames, Zach Williams, Ethan von Hagel, Keith Raynor,  Nicki Raynor, Bill Shreve,

February — Woodsboro Regional Park in Woodsboro, Md. … uDiscDG Review

March — Seth Burton Memorial / Orange Crush at  Morris Park in Fairmont, W.Va. …  Burton uDisc … Burton DG Review … Crush uDisc … Crush DG Review
* Players can choose either course for this month (Read course reviews to determine which suits your ability/fitness best)

April — Poor  House Farm Park in Martinsburg, W.Va. … uDiscDG Review

May — Emmitsburg Community Park DGC in Emmitsburg, Md. … uDiscDG Review

June — Deer Lakes Park in Tarentum, Pa. … uDiscDG Review


August — Rhodes Grove DGC in Chambersburg, Pa. … uDiscDG Review

September — Patapsco Valley State Park DGC in Marriottsville, Md. … uDiscDG Review

October — The Glades at Meshach Run in Accident, Md. … uDiscDG Review

November — Whispering Falls DGC in Greencastle, Pa. … uDiscDG Review
* Grist Mill or Martin’s Mill layouts (player’s choice)


How to win

The purpose of the Fisher Cup initiative is to get people out and play. Maybe it’s a course they’ve already played on. Maybe it’s something new. Since we value a person’s score no matter what it is — 12 under par or 20 over — each player will have their name submitted once into a drawing for the Fisher Cup for each month they play the designated round and meet the other requirements.

Play two of the 12 months? Get two entries into the drawing. Play 12 of 12? You get 12 entries. Play a designated course more than once within the specified time period? That’s wonderful, but still qualifies for a single entry.

What consists of a round?
You can play a round by yourself, with friends or family, or feel free to jump in a league round with other disc golf groups in our region (such as Fredrock Disc Golf, Seven One Seven Flying Disc Club, Fairmont Flyers Disc Club, Seneca Creek Disc Golf Group, Pittsburgh Flying Disc, Morgantown Mountain Goats, Patapsco Valley Disc Golf Club, Apple Valley Disc Golf, Eastern Panhandle Disc Golf Club, and more.

Rounds can be singles or doubles. For youth ages 12 and under, players must complete at least nine of 18 holes (any nine of 18, not necessarily front nine, back nine, or consecutive holes) and it will still count.

If you play a league round (or otherwise play any other round) with another group, and that course is the designated course for the month, will it count for both? Yes, so long as you (a) submit your scorecard and (b) submit your photo.

Free to play (donations are welcome but not necessary). No ace pot. No monthly cash payout. Play new courses. Meet new friends.

Top prize(s)

Prize(s) depend on participation. We’d love to fill up as many divisions as possible. For the moment, we’ll start with one. We’d love to expand by gender, age groups, etc. This part depends on you, the player.

We envision some sort of trophy or plaque to the winner(s). The winner(s) will be profiled on the club website,

The Allegany County Disc Golf Club host a live drawing on the first club-sponsored league round in January 2024 to draw the winning name(s). In 2023, for example, the first league round falls on Jan. 1 (the start of Winter Doubles League).

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