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Q: What’s up with the URL? I typed in AlleganyPlayground.com and it brought me to PeeDeePost.com. 
A: PeeDeePost.com is an original platform for a daily digital news outlet that operated in Richmond County, N.C., from April 2014 to July 2015. This platform is being maintained for historical purposes. Instead of utilizing valuable resources and delaying the launch of Allegany Playground, it was decided to point AlleganyPlayground.com visitors to this existing, designed platform that is ready to serve readers. In time, all data may be moved over to AlleganyPlayground.com.

Q: I know you’re online – but do you have an office I can come visit?
A: x

Q: Will I have to pay to read your site?
A: No.  Not now. Not ever. Though there will be an opportunity for readers who voluntarily wish to contribute financially to do so. Reader-supported journalism is as important now as it ever has been. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration in being a part of the solution.

Q: How will this venture be successful?
A: Through readership, for one. If we have no readers, it doesn’t matter what’s published on this site. Along with readers, we are soliciting traditional display and classified advertising – far more affordable than print, and to a much wider audience.

Q: If I’m a business owner and invest in your online publication through advertising in the early days, are there special perks for me?
A: x

Q: Why should I advertise in your online publication?
A: x

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