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This section was created on Jan. 20, 2023, and we’ll add to it as we come across new resources.

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New to disc golf? This is the perfect place to start. But a word of caution: Be careful of information overload.

There are numerous (thousands upon thousands) of YouTube videos, articles online, etc., from which you can learn more about the game. Not to mention your card mates (some of whom offer advice even if you don’t want it). One of the lessons learned early on in the Allegany County Disc Golf Club is about information overload. That means there can be too much information too soon. Every player will learn at his or her own pace.

A player can watch a video tutorial, for example, and work on implementing some of the lessons in that single video Three or six months later, that same player is going to view that same video with a different perspective, and perhaps taking away a new lesson from it. The value of the lesson can be gauged only by the new player’s ability to accept the information, understand it, and begin working with that new material.

Take your time. Disc golf is a lifelong sport. There’s no rush.

Key terms and definitions
This won’t teach you the application of the terms, but it will help you become familiar with the material you’ll read, see and hear in articles and videos
* Glossary of key terms – Innova
* Terminology – Infinite Discs

Rules of the game
* Etiquette, how to play, scoring — Nate Sexton
* How to play / scoring — Scoring Disc
* Official rules of the game – PDGA
* uDisc — arguably the most popular (and easiest-to-use) scoring app in disc golf (first 10 rounds are free, not including league rounds); Pro account is $15/year.

* Top 5 beginner tips from Discmania
* 7 Steps to the Best Disc Golf — DiscGolfNow
* Disc stability: Understable vs. Overstable — Reaper Discs

Instructional videos – Don’t be afraid to pause a video, practice, then hit play again (or rewind, as necessary).
Each of these videos provide a lot of info. Clicking on each video channel, though, leads players to a wealth of information. Also, numerous (nearly countless) options to choose from. Below, we’ve tried to include a variety of teaching approaches; some more formal or technical than others. Find your favorite!
* How discs fly — Guardians of Recreation
* Grip — Gannon Buhr, 17, is one of the best in the world
* Backhand — Dan Brooks-Wells and Connor O’Reilly put on a clinic in Pennsylvania
* Backhand, Forehand, Putting — Paul Ulibarri and Brian Earhart
* Forehand — Robbie Crawford
* YouTube channel — Danny Lindahl
* 10 Utility Shots — link has video links to multiple instructors (thumber, roller, scoober and more)
* Distance – Paige Pierce
* Practice like a Pro — Paige Pierce and Kona Panis
* Intro to disc golf for women — Christine Jennings
* How to find the snap — Sling Shot Disc Golf
* Scramble shots — led by Robbie C.

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